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Comprehensive solutions for lithium-ion battery logistics

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From its very conception, LogBATT has specialised in and focused on comprehensive solutions for lithium-ion battery logistics, offering its customers unique, well-thought-out solutions covering the entire battery supply chain. We have all the necessary legal certifications and resources to be able to cover and conform to every aspect of hazardous materials and waste law with reliability.

No matter the size of battery or which sector you are active in: we have the right answer for you – a complete solution from a single provider. We are even able to offer you the premium class of hazardous goods transports for critically defective batteries in compliance with the latest requirements of ADR 2021 P911/LP 906, including approvals for the collection, transportation and handling of hazardous waste in disposal logistics.

Profit from our solutions and become a long-term partner.

The benefits for you

DIN ISO 9001, 14001, QSP, EfB


with critical / defective batteries


Lithium-ion batteries


logistics and battery disposal network


Transport and storage crates


E-learning academy or on site

We will take over battery logistics for you




Transportation to the recycling plant / intended location

Comprehensive solutions

–  LogBATT hazardous goods logistics as a benchmark for the Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing (BAM) –

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With our transport crates for defective lithium-ion batteries
we offer a comprehensive solution: +49 7153 925080

Some of our testimonials

We offer innovative and market-leading services and products to our customers in the automotive, industrial, tooling and consumer sectors. These include notable car manufacturers, suppliers and tool suppliers:


    Next January, the 4-day event series “Lithium Batteries – Transport. Storage. Disposal” with specialist conferences and seminars as well as accompanying trade exhibition enters its sixteenth round. From January 23 to 26, the industry will again meet live in Göttingen. Looking at the media, we see that the logistics of lithium batteries and devices/vehicles containing […]
  • Logbatt goes middle east
    The Porsche branches in Dubai, Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Reunion, Tunisia, Bahrain, Mauritius, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait have opted for the SafetyBATTbox XL 2. Deliveries of the transport box will take place in the next 2 months.  With this box, the Taycan and the Macan HV battery in defective and critical condition can […]
  • VDS Fire Protection Days 2022 ! Lecture LogBATT
    On 7 September 2022, the VDS Fire Protection Conference entitled: Lithium Batteries: Challenges for Fire Protection and Occupational Safety. VdS is one of the world’s most renowned institutions for corporate security with a focus on fire protection, security, cyber security and natural hazard prevention. The services include risk assessments, testing of systems, certification of products, […]