A new star is born.

The entire LogBATT development team is proud to announce that the new generation of LogBATT transport boxes has passed the drop test.

This quantum leap in box development is specifically designed for the case of defective to critical lithium-ion batteries over 400kg (large packaging, A50). This container made in Germany has passed the fire test of a large HV battery over 100 kWh successfully.

The safety system is durable, dust-free and easy to use. Moreover, the load carrier reduces the work of packers by at least 70%. The highly efficient filter system meets the requirements of BAM, Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing for lithium-ion batteries unsafe for transport.

The first orders from major international automotive companies have already been booked in advance.

“A new LogBATT star has been born and will help to accompany the international growth of electromobility even more safely,” says Knobloch. (MK)

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